Ing. Jiří Mašek, CSc.    Oceňování nemovitostí, spec. pozemky a les. porosty

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The expert of valuation of the land and yields.

Our evaluation:
  • The forest lots and forest yields,
  • the agriculture piece of land,
  • the ornamental and horticultural trees,
  • the high value of a damage on the forest (a lost adjustment),
  • the calculation for a compensation of the production forest lots and forest growth.

Types of our evalution:
  1. The expert valuation of a land according to the value's intimation for taxes reasons --> sale, death duty and gift tax (a valuation of the land according to the official - administration price)
  2. The valuation of a land according to the standard price. (the examples: for auction, competition of trial, buy, etc.)

How long compile a valuation:
We usually compile our expert valuation within 3 weeks, but we can compile sooner (if necessary) => than we need these important bases.

We need these important bases for the valuation:
  • The statement for a land registry office,
  • The copy of a land registry map,
  • The purchase a contract of land with a land registry,
  • The older expert's rewiew of valuations (if it exists),
  • The statement of a forest management plan,
  • The statement of a yield book,
  • The copy of a yield's map.

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